New Year Digital Purge Challenge

Do you tend to end the year with a purge so that you can start fresh in the new year?

You do a deep clean of everything from the pantry to your wardrobe, donating, gifting, and/or tossing as needed, and when you're done you feel freer, lighter, and excited that you've made room for all new things. 

But what about a digital purge?

Think about how much digital clutter we hoard between our computers & phones as business owners & entrepreneurs:

  • download folder

  • emails

  • browser tabs

  • photos

  • apps

  • unchecked reminders

  • texts...

I promise you if you were to check the storage on ANY of your devices right now, you'd be surprised how much space is taken up by crap you've accumulated over the past year!

And that's not even counting project work!

We're in a new era of technology, so we didn't grow up thinking about doing a digital cleanse — I know that it certainly wasn’t top of mind in my household as a kid — but how about we start a new tradition, k? 

Today I challenge you to start taking the first step in making room for new projects, contacts, and memories in 2019.

Delete something, ANYTHING, starting with your phone. And then every day this week, commit to deleting something else, and you'll be amazed at how much you've freed up by the weekend.