How To Use A Quiz As Part Of Your Brand Strategy?

We've seen em all as designers...and some of em we've even created ourselves -- I'm talking about QUIZZES!

Quizzes are a fun way to grab people's attention and [hopefully] get em on your email list, but  because my job here is to show you both sides of the coin, here's the thing -- maybe you've gotten a TON of people to take your quiz & that's great, but are those people who'd actually HIRE you?

Some people just really like taking quizzes.

Some people are just really curious about things.

And some people just aren't YOUR people. 

While having a quiz is a cute opt-in, as designers, we have a responsibility to ourselves AND to potential clients to be a bit more discerning than that.

Is your quiz a lead generator? Is it filling your pipeline?

Here are a few ways you can use a quiz in your business that are both captivating, fun, and effective.

Intake & Onboarding Process

An interior style quiz can be a great addition to your intake process or the kick off for how you onboard new clients. 

Think about it -- how many times have you had a client convinced of their style, only to be more than a little inaccurate in what their actual style is. By taking YOUR style quiz -- with questions you've curated & results you've created -- you're already starting off the design process by truly decoding & translating what it is that they want & need in terms of style, eliminating a lot of the initial guess work for both of you. 

For me, this meant creating a duplicate of my style quiz -- I didn't want client results clogging up the results that trigger my email sequence.

Graphics aside the key differences between my two quizzes are:

  • Email Integration: for the client version of my quiz, I didn't need it so instead I embedded it in my styling & design brief -- the form we complete together during our first session.
  • Call To Action: With every result, there's an option to add a call to action at the end. My brief wasn't always with a design client -- sometimes it's just a Design Therapy session; so with that, the call to action is an "upsell" to my Design Intensive. The opt-in, however, I chose not to have a call to action because of the email sequence I'd created for each result. I wanted quiz takers to go on a very specific journey and didn't want them distracted along the way. 
  • Naming: as you can see, I also didn't name my quiz because I didn't need it to stand out on my website or feed my SEO. While it's something really simple, it matters because I didn't have to waste time coming up with 2 clever quiz names -- just 1. 

Email List Building

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the value-add in having a quiz to build your list, especially when you're just starting a list. While everyone who takes your quiz may not be a potential client, you are being presented with an opportunity to have all these new eyeballs on your awesomeness. 

If your email sequence is buttoned up the way it should be, people will self-select, separating potential clients from quiz takers. 

However, if you already have a solid email marketing strategy in place, this isn't to say there isn't room for a quiz in your strategy. As designers, the instinct is to create a style quiz, but maybe you "niche" your quiz -- colors, patterns, stores, or architectural styles, to name a few -- to help solve a "problem" or flex your expertise. 

Market Research

Interact recently launched new analytics features that can really help you get to the core of your audience, depending on your questions & results you create, but before digging into that you can simply use your email list to see who's who. 

With my opt-in quiz, I created unique email sequences for each result, so by just looking at how many of those sequences were triggered, I could quickly see that --

  • most of the people landing on my site, somehow, are what I've designated to be "Curated Minimal"
  • none of the people taking my quiz are "Whimsy Retro" or "Mid Mod Chic"

Equipped with this information, I could start to frame my content, targeting my "Curated Minimal" audience, not to mention the other results that were also triggered. 

Using the Interact features, I can take this a step further --  last month they released a more comprehensive analytics dashboard, which can really allow for a more targeted & custom content strategy.

Personally, as a MUCH simpler alternative to email integration, I can see how many people chose each & every response, not simply their end result. 

Since this new roll out, I haven't had as many quiz takers, but in that time frame I can see that Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent are the most "popular" celebrity couple. What can I do with that? Send an email to my list, not selling, but just sharing that the second season of their new show (an obsession of mine, by the way) is now airing on TLC. While this has nothing to do with my business, directly, I am nurturing our relationship. I also see that Netflix is the most popular television choice, so I could make binge-worthy tv recommendations.

Simple, but effective. 

Evergreen Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my favorite by-products of using the quiz -- a constant opportunity for content monetization. How?

I'm glad you asked. 

I've already told you there are 2 ways I can see the responses -- Interact's analytics or integrated with my email sequence. The reason I chose the latter for the store responses was so that it would trigger a shopping sequence -- "Hey, a little birdie told me you love shopping at Cost Plus World Market. Here are some of the things I'm loving from World Market & think you'll love too!" BAM!

I know their style. I know where they love to shop.

I know enough to now curate a shopping list for them, leveraging my affiliate relationships. 

Using the analytics dashboard, I can also create "shop with me" content. 

From the analytics I see that these are the 3 most popular rooms for their corresponding questions, so instinctively, maybe I create a "Shop the Look" post -- I haven't, but I probably should -- for my blog & email list. They've told me this is what they like, so why not help them create it for themselves?

In the mood to take a quiz?

For the conference, I put together this quick & easy quiz, to help designers like you choose your profile. 

While not listed as another great option for a marketing strategy, consider this sort of wayfinding quiz as a way to start a conversation, especially if you're business facing, and not just consumer facing. 

While there aren't any wrong answers & for the conference you'd still be self-selecting, go ahead and take it to see where you land. Then pop over to the Facebook Page & let us know how you did.