Designer Post: Why You Shouldn't Hire An Interior Designer

Niki McNeill.png

Before you run off the page confused, there's a lesson buried deep in this question. 

Because of the nature of business these days, for many of us, our first instinct is to sell all the things, to all the people. Instead of taking the time curate & be intentional with our offerings, meeting ideal clients exactly where they are, we're often shooting for the BIG sell -- the full-service design package. 

But here's the thing -- what happens to the potential client who isn't, and very well may never be, a full-service client? You've just completely isolated an entire population of your audience. 

See how blogger & interior designer (and friend) Niki McNeill educates her audience on why it's okay to not be a full-service client; and in turn, gets to really highlight other ways they can work with her.