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Batching Hack: Setting Up Canned Emails in Gmail

If you listened to the last Q & Albie episode of the season, then you know it was all about batching with e-designer and content creator, Heather Hess. After a long season of sharing insights and tips for elevating your design business, it seemed only fitting to end with an episode all about productivity.

Q: Are there any batching hacks that you can recommend?

A: Canned emails!

Canned emails are perfect if you find yourselves, as noted by Heather in our Q & Albie, writing the same emails over…and over…and over! These can be emails to questions you get frequently asked (tip: setting up a frequently asked questions page on your site can also be a great resource for you as well) or for instructions you send to clients often. This brings me to today’s tutorial: How do you set up canned emails using Gmail?

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Lessons from the Fyre Festival Documentaries

A few months ago the internet blew up with news about the Fyre Festival documentaries that were premiering on Netflix & Hulu — same topic, different documentary. In case you missed it, the Fyre Festival was slated to be a massive music festival intended to be the modern-day luxury Woodstock. 

It wasn’t. 

The documentaries, each in their own unique style, illustrated how this event, and the aftermath, played out. After watching both, and having a hearty laugh, it hit me that there were many lessons to be learned from what transpired, especially for those of us in the entrepreneurial space. 

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How I Secured Six Brand Collaborations With Less Than 1,000 Followers

Let’s talk about that time in 2018 when, four months into the year, I returned from a yearlong social media sabbatical and over the next eight months I secured speaking opportunities and sponsored collaborations, and put into motion launching my own sponsored platforms. While I am immensely proud of those accomplishments, what I am most proud of is the circumstances under which I hit those milestones — I did all of the above with less than 1,000 followers/subscribers across any of my social channels. So how did I secure interviews and collaborations with a small audience? 

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