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Batching Hack: Setting Up Canned Emails in Gmail

If you listened to the last Q & Albie episode of the season, then you know it was all about batching with e-designer and content creator, Heather Hess. After a long season of sharing insights and tips for elevating your design business, it seemed only fitting to end with an episode all about productivity.

Q: Are there any batching hacks that you can recommend?

A: Canned emails!

Canned emails are perfect if you find yourselves, as noted by Heather in our Q & Albie, writing the same emails over…and over…and over! These can be emails to questions you get frequently asked (tip: setting up a frequently asked questions page on your site can also be a great resource for you as well) or for instructions you send to clients often. This brings me to today’s tutorial: How do you set up canned emails using Gmail?

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New Year Digital Purge Challenge

Do you tend to end the year with a purge so that you can start fresh in the new year?

You do a deep clean of everything from the pantry to your wardrobe, donating, gifting, and/or tossing as needed, and when you're done you feel freer, lighter, and excited that you've made room for all new things. BUT WHAT ABOUT A DIGITAL PURGE? Think about how much digital clutter we hoard between our computers & phones as business owners & entrepreneurs. We're in a new era of technology, so we didn't grow up thinking about doing a digital cleanse — I know that it certainly wasn’t top of mind in my household as a kid — but how about we start a new tradition, k? 

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What You Need To Know About Web Based Design Tools: Roomstyler & Homestyler

No matter if you're an in-person designer or an online designer, deliverables are a huge part of our client experience, and for many of us, rendered designs are often part of those deliverables. For creating renderings there is no shortage of amazing resources. There are also two web-based platforms that are super affordable (how does free sound?) and all things considered, easy to use.

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