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The Influence Directory

An index of courses designed to help you maximize your expertise and influence. From software to strategy, tools to tactics, I have pooled my knowledge and resources to help you learn, connect, and thrive on your designpreneur journey.

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Ditch The Overwhelm

Get the clarity you've been craving so you can start being more intentional in your learning, workflow, branding, and business!


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Pitch Your Influence With The Design Influence

Pitch Your Influence

In this new age of influencer marketing, you’re ready to dive right in but you’re still unsure how to pitch your worth.

No matter your audience size, you’ll learn how to optimize your influence and how to go from plan to pitch to paid with intention, clarity, and strategy.

Quiz Creation & Strategy with The Design Influence

Quiz Creation & Strategy

Quizzes are a fun way to grab people's attention and get em on your email list, but are those people who would actually hire you?

After learning how to create an effective & attractive quiz, take it from opt-in to optimization, integrating into your business & brand strategies.

Conceptual Design Renderings For Real Results with The Design Influence

Conceptual Design Renderings For Real Results

Effectively communicate your vision & equip your clients execute the design by learning how to create conceptual yet photorealistic renderings.

From setting up the space plan to specifying the product to exporting the final images for presentation, take your design deliverables to the next level.

The Design Influence

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Consider this your one-stop-shop for discernment in your business to help you

learn, connect, and thrive! 

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Albie Knows

Hi, I’m Albie!

I'm the head know-it-all over at Albie Knows Online Interior Design & Styling, and the founder of The Design Influence.

I've never met a problem I couldn't solve or a piece of tech I couldn't tame — not because I actually know it all, but because I know where & how to find solutions! After lots of trial & error, I pride myself on knowing what works for what, and what to ditch when the time comes.

I've curated my experiences, knowledge, and resources to bring you the best of the best when it comes to relevant software and strategy; so consider this your one-stop-shop for discernment in your business to help you learn, connect, and thrive!