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Minisode 002: Why You're Really Struggling Online (And What To Do About It)

Way back, while I was recording the premiere episode on blogging and whether or not your blog is working for you or against you, it hit me — yes, we’re designers, but where many of you struggle isn’t where you think you struggle. Anyone making money with an online business — not brick and mortar or in-person — has to be rocking some other facets of the online world. I’m talking everyone from the online educator to the beauty guru. What they understand is the need to show up online. Not in all the places but in the places they do best. 

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Minisode 001: Navigating Market (And Other Industry Events) As An E-Designer

A sentiment I’ve heard shared across lots of designers — online designers and even some new designers — is that major industry events aren’t for them; so on today’s minisode” I’m gonna dig into what it’s like as an online designer & creator going to industry events. And I want to you keep an open mind and think about how you can apply what I’m saying to ANY industry event you attend in the future. 

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