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Episode 019: How I Secure Interviews and Collaborations With A Small Following

Over the past year, I have been able to secure interviews and sponsored collaborations, all on the heels of a yearlong social media sabbatical. I share this with you because while I am immensely proud this, what I am most proud of is the circumstances under which I hit these milestones — with a small number of followers/subscribers across all of my social channels. We often hear about the pressure to have high numbers as social proof, but there is something to be said for the micro-micro-MICRO-influencer who, as the saying goes, is small but mighty! 

So how did I do it? On the blog, I shared the techniques that I’ll be mentioning on today’s show. Whether you have 1,000 or 1,000,000 followers & subscribers, there are a few key things you should be doing to boost your visibility and brand attractiveness, and that’s what we’re getting into today. 

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Episode 017: The Power of Positioning Yourself As An Influencer (If You Want To)

One of the tracks of last summer's conference -- The Exponential Designpreneur -- focused exclusively on the growth of designers, beyond design. With that a lot of the content was crafted around other avenues of income & visibility, such as personal branding & establishing yourself as an influencer within (and outside of) the design community. Translation: being an influencer. In this episode, I’m going to talk about what it can look like being not only a designer in the industry, but an influencer in the industry. 

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Episode 011: Finding Purpose in Your Pivots

As children we’re asked what we want to be when we grow up. While I do believe it’s never too early to start planting the seeds of the future, what I am and what I want to be is none of those previous things.

A lot of us pivot for a myriad of other reasons. The power in pivoting is finding the purpose in it…controlling your pivots instead of being controlled by them. So in this episode, we’re going to be talking about the shifts that you may be experiencing, avoiding, or even regretting as you navigate your designpreneur journey, and how you can do so with passion and purpose.

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Episode 010: The Business of E-Design

As an online interior designer (exclusively) and also a content creator, I realized after undergoing my own journey of exploration, that many of the challenges fellow online designpreneurs were facing weren’t being specifically addressed, and so The E-Design Experience was born. But what is e-design? How do you do it?  What does it look like?  Who is it for?  So in today’s episode, I want to talk all about the business of e-design with you, hopefully answering some of those questions for you.

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Episode 009: Walking Away From Entrepreneurship

It’s an interesting time we live in where being an entrepreneur is more coveted than being whatever your craft is. But Gary V says it best when he says entrepreneurship is glamorized. What about all the other ugly parts of entrepreneurship that no one talks about? Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, not does it look the same for everyone, so no matter which lane you choose, be sure it’s the best fit for you, your way of operating, and your season of life.

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Episode 006: Why You Should Have An Email List For Brands

How many different ways have you heard that you need an email list? You’re favorite podcaster has told you you need one. You have Instagram ads selling you templates to create one. You’ve read all the blog posts on the value of having one. So it’s no big secret in the power of the email list. But here’s what you may not have heard about email lists, however, is about lists for brands.

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Episode 005: Creating Content & Getting Paid With Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Content

Have you ever wondered how people make money online, especially influencers & content creators? It can often get hard to discern which is the best for for us holistically as designers and which is the best fit for your unique business model. 

If you create any kind of content then there’s a world of ways to monetize “passively” but two very popular ways involve brands that aren’t your own — sponsored content & affiliate marketing. Today I’m gonna chat with you about their differences & how (if at all) they may make sense for your business.

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Episode 004: Product Sourcing Online: Retail vs Trade

I’ve seen this debate brought up OFTEN during my time as an e-designer, and I know personally it is something I’ve always wondered about myself — when it comes to specifying product as an online designer, do I do trade, retail, or both? If no one’s said it to you before then let me be the first — e-designers do not only source retail. At the very least, they don’t have to. It comes down to your business model — how you’re trying to make money & what fits the way you operate. The decision of how & where to source is a personal one, so while I’m going to break down some of the pros & cons so that you can make an informed decision when deciding which is the best fit for you. 

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Episode 002: Single Tasking & Thought Purging For Better Productivity

I have quickly learned that being busy isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be, a badge of honor because I quickly went from juggling to burnt out & drowning. The idea of multitasking became more like an addiction, and like most addictions, it wasn’t long before I saw how bad it really was for me — I wasn’t actually getting that much done & it was more detrimental than it was helpful. While I haven’t perfected this new lifestyle by any stretch of the imagination,I want to share with you some of my single-tasking tricks & how they’ve helped me step up my productivity.

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Episode 001: Making Your Blog Work For You Instead of Against You

I’ve seen how blogging has evolved firsthand — how it can be super rewarding & worth every second you invest into it, and I’ve also seen how it can just drain you of all your creative juices with no ROI. These are the differences between your blog working for you & your blog working against you; so in this episode, we're going to be talking about what that might look like to help you identify how your blog is serving you (if at all) and what you can do differently.

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