Episode 009: Walking Away From Entrepreneurship


It’s an interesting time we live in where being an entrepreneur is more coveted than being whatever your craft is.

Think about it, especially when it comes to creative fields like design, everyone wants to do it for themselves — and I get it. There are lots and lots of reasons someone would want to be their own boss, start their own business, and pursue entrepreneurship. 

But Gary V says it best when he says entrepreneurship is glamorized. 

Decodes ago, people were told you go to school, you graduate, you find a nice job. That’s the path. Now it’s go to school (or some other learning path) and create the job. The pressure to apply for jobs & go on interviews has been replaced by the pressure to build your own empire. 

But what about all the other ugly parts of entrepreneurship that no one talks about?

The daily grind for new clients?

The overhead?

The taxes?

The late nights & early mornings?

The wins & losses that are all yours, and no one else’s?

The payroll? 

I want to talk about walking away from entrepreneurship, well, because no one else is. 

Episode 009- Walking Away From Entrepreneurship

If you’re someone who has been on the fence about entrepreneurship — you’re unsure if it’s still something you want for your current season of business or if it’s worth it, I want you to ask yourself this five questions:

  1. Why did you pursue entrepreneurship or self-employment in the first place? What was the drive or catalyst behind wanted to create your own business?

  2. Whatever your reason for starting — is it still relevant or are you in a different season of life?

  3. What are you struggling with as an entrepreneur? What are the exact factors that have you questioning this path?

  4. What’s the worst case scenario, should you choose to no longer be an entrepreneur — what do you have to lose?

  5. What’s the best case scenario, should you choose to no longer be an entrepreneur — what do you have to gain?

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, not does it look the same for everyone, so no matter which lane you choose, be sure it’s the best fit for you, your way of operating, and your season of life.


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