Episode 015: Getting Clear On Goals & Choosing To Be Excellent with LuAnn Nigara


Meet LuAnn

The tables have turned and today I have one of the leading podcasters in our industry on the show — it’s almost unreal but definitely exciting to have the one & only LuAnn Nigara on the show.

LuAnn is the co-owner of Window Works in Livingston, NJ, the author of The Making of A Well-Designed Business™ and the engaging host of the 5-star rated podcast A Well-Designed Business™.

The podcast, A Well-Designed Business™ is the definitive resource for interior design professionals interested in operating a profitable and productive business. Known for asking questions that get to the heart of the subject, her show is down to earth and actionable.

A talented and energetic speaker, LuAnn keynoted and led panel discussions at industry events across the country. LuAnn’s book, released in February 2018, The Making of A Well-Designed Business™ is a veritable how to for the small business owner detailing the best principles for starting, growing and managing a healthy, successful business. Her latest book, The Things I Learned From A Well-Designed Business™, The Power Talk Friday Experts, is gearing up to be the "go to business bible" for the design industry.

A skilled and intuitive business woman LuAnn coaches business owners both in group settings and one on one to help interior designers and other creatives to intentionally grow their business confidence, business skills and their profits.

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Knowing that I was going to be on the leading side of the conversation with LuAnn, I struggled with choosing what exactly I wanted us to talk about — how could I possibly choose?! But then I thought back to a story she tells in her first book, a story about choosing to be excellent. That’s when I knew exactly what we should talk about — getting over mindset blocks, getting clear on goals, and lining up the necessary steps & connections to reach those goals.

And that’s what we talk about this episode — being intentional all the smaller pieces of your big picture puzzle.

Whether it’s in strategizing for Window Works or understanding the needs of a coaching client, LuAnn is a big picture business person. With an astute ability to hear more than what is being said, she’s able to zero in on the very ideas that help you see tangible benefits.

In our conversation we talk about how hard it is to run a systemized, profitable business, noting that it is not something done lightly but with commitment and intention, the rewards are far more reaching than financial.

Decide to be excellent because make no mistake about it, excellence is a decision
— LuAnn Nigara, The Making of A Well-Designed Business™

This episode is jam packed with gems but some of the biggest takeaways are:

  • Some are attempted and some are accomplished…and that’s okay.

  • The basic formula to success is having confidence, understanding the obstacles, and implementing a plan & strategy.

  • In the beginning, you need to be vigilante about assigning yourself manageable and accountable tasks.

Talk about valuable gems!


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