Episode 016: You're A CEO So Act Like It with Veronica Solomon


Meet Veronica

Today’s episode is one that is very special to me because this is a woman I have admired from afar for some time and since formally meeting her, virtually and in real life, she has only continued to inspire me, as I know she inspires so many others. 

Veronica Solomon has been creating beautiful interiors for the last 10 years, and knows a thing or two about the ups and downs in the business. The landscape of interior design has changed dramatically over the years, and with all the changes, she has learned how to package her  services, market her business, and create an iron-clad process that clients see value in, and are willing to pay top dollar for. These processes and systems have grown her business exponentially. And not only did clients take notice, but so do publications, industry organizations, vendors and fellow designers. 

Veronica’s design business has now grown to participating in designer show houses, opening a design showroom and studio, and real estate investing. Her passion for design continues to drive her and she loves sharing her successes with young designers to help them navigate the maize of this profession, to do what we love and make money doing it. 

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When I asked Veronica what her super power was, off air, she said “client management, closing the deal, and diversifying services” — three areas that most creatives struggle with, especially in the beginning. But as I have continued to watch Veronica move within her business and the industry, it hit me — her real power is in being the CEO of her business. With or without a team, Veronica has adopted a mindset that completely changed her business and we dig into what  that “aha” moment was for her that took her from bankruptcy to publication features. 

This is definitely going to be one of those episodes that you’re going to want to pay attention and listen to, and I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up my mini High Point Market series than with this rock star. 

You guys! Talk about small but mighty, because while not one of usually longer guest episodes, this one was packed from start to finish with powerful insights. 

Paying yourself first. 

Understanding business principles.

Diversifying services. 

Embracing shiny object syndrome.

So many of us go into business without realizing that we aren’t actually a business. If you heard our last guest episode with Luann Nigara then you heard her say, “you don’t have a business, you have a you” and Veronica’s evolution is a testament to that same sentiment. As she shares her story of working hard but hardly seeing a profit, she turned those hardships into lessons and those lessons into a thriving business and mentorship for other designers finding their way.  I mean she really nails it when she says this is her 10 year journey to overnight success because there really is no such thing as “overnight success”. Instead, it’s lots of hard work, and sometimes failures, in the trenches. 

Are you currently in your season of being in the trenches, on your way to “overnight success”?

What lessons can you find in the midst of the mess?

Are you charging your worth?

Are you paying yourself an actual salary?

How are you setting up your services? 

Is your business set up to be profitable?

All it takes is that one “aha” moment to completely change your relationship with money, with business matters, and with being a CEO. 

Are you the CEO of your business and are you acting like it?

I’d love to hear where you land on the topic, because I know these are some common concerns, and tough ones to tackle. Be sure to take a screenshot while you’re listening and tag us over at @thedesigninfluence and Veronica at @casavilora and drop your lightbulb moment or your questions. And speaking of questions, if you haven’t subscribed to the show yet, you’re  going to want to do so now as Veronica will be back for another Q&Albie episode! 

Thanks again for hanging out with me today and for making me a part of your day. 


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