Episode 020: The Other Side of E-Design and Third Party Platforms with Heather Hess


Meet Heather

It’s no secret that I love chatting with fellow e-designers, but it’s not something I’ve ever done on the show, so today’s episode — the last guest episode of the season — is with my girl Heather Hess and we have a lot to talk about.

Heather’s passion for design started in her own home.

As a mother to 4 young kids, she quickly realized that the design of a home greatly impacts how people function inside. Heather believes a home should reflect the personality of those inside, so she loves that her job is to help make that happen. 

E-Design, specifically, became her main passion because it provides her clients with an affordable interior design experience from the comfort of their home, while also giving her the opportunity to stay home with her kids while working. Like many of us, Heather has done freelance e-design on many 3rd party platforms but also serves her own clients through her website. 

This isn’t the only hat she wears thought. Heather has leveraged her talents to be the Editorial Director for SwatchPop, focusing on their social media and blog content, allowing her to create content that people crave, look forward to and feel a part of.  

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Our conversation took a few turns — all good ones though! 

In addition to talking about all things e-design — from securing your own clients to working on a platform like SwatchPop — we get into a few other fun topics like batching and blogging…aka some of our fav things about being entrepreneurs! 

I had so much talking to Heather do not be surprised if you hear her on the show with me again real soon!

The entire conversation spoke my love language! I mean the girl has me beat when it comes to batching! 

But at the core of the conversation were a few lessons all going back to finding (or creating) a lane that best suits you, your needs, and your lifestyle. 

While most people are having mixed feelings when it comes to third party platforms, Heather dove head first into SwatchPop into a role that suited her skillset and their business needs, as opposed to simply designing on their site. 

Heather has created a loyal online community and thriving career, all as an e-designer by leaning into her strengths and passions. 

How can you take these lessons and apply them to your current season of being a designpreneur? A few episodes back, I talked about walking away from entrepreneurship and finding purpose in your pivots, all to share with you that you don’t have to do things one way or another — you can do em however you want, just like Heather has! 

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