Minisode 002: Why You're Really Struggling Online (And What To Do About It)


Way back, while I was recording the premiere episode on blogging and whether or not your blog is working for you or against you, it hit me — yes, we’re designers, but where many of you struggle isn’t where you think you struggle. 

Trust me, Albie Knows. 

Yea you wanna know how to price or package or find clients, and all of that that comes with being a profitable interior design business, but here’s the thing — most, even if not all, are listening to this show or following The Design Influence because you want to get a better handle on the digital stuff. If you can’t get the basics of being in business online, like blogging, in tow, why would somehow trust you with a whole service?

Stay with me here, because I promise you, we’re going somewhere with this…

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Anyone making money with an online business — not brick and mortar or in-person — has to be rocking some other facets of the online world. I’m talking everyone from the online educator to the beauty guru. 

Think about the beauty guru — they’re rocking it on YouTube and/or Instagram, but they also have an email list, they’re doing live video, they’re blogging & vlogging, they’re collaborating with other gurus, as well as brands…and they don’t provide a single service. Like at all. Most gurus aren’t trying to book new make up clients or sell you a hair course. They show up day in and day out, to build your trust but not to be hired... not by you at least. What they understand is the need to show up online. Not in all the places but in the places they do best. 

That in mind, how is it as a service provider you don’t blog, send emails, do live video or do any video for that matter? How is that do you expect to be hired for an intimate, one-on-one service without putting yourself in front of your potential clientele in some way? 

How’s that supposed to work?

How are Mr. and Mrs. Doe are expected to trust you virtually for their home, specifically if you want to pursue e-design, if all you have to show is a haphazard social media account and a website?

Build it and they will come isn’t real life. 

I’m not saying run out and start a YouTube channel or a blog or any of that if it isn’t for you. I don’t use Snapchat & I barely use Facebook because those just aren’t my ministry. But the places that people can find me, I’m there through and through. 

You can’t be afraid of and/or against everything about being online if you want to serve online. In my short time in the industry, I have had countless people poo-poo all over the notion of being an online designer and/or content creator…and that’s fine by me. This is where I want to be and I love it here! And on the other side of the field, this isn’t where those designers want to serve, so I don’t expect them to “get it”. But if you’re wanting to come play in this field, you have to be open. Because here’s what’s gonna happen — let’s say you’ve built an awesome SEO optimized site, cracked whatever secret code you needed to crack for pricing, and made the most adorbs graphics for your new packages…but no one knows you exist. 

Of course you can wait for those SEO efforts to kick in and get to work for you, then hope for the best, but unless you have income coming in from somewhere else in the meantime, you’ve got bupkiss going on for you. You certainly don’t have a business. Sorry sweet friend but I know because I’ve been there! 

I challenge you to take a step back and really think about how you’re showing up to online, if at all, and be honest about what you need to do better. 

If you have a healthy full service business this may not apply to you; but if you’re trying to be exclusively online, like moi, then let me be the one to tell you that you don’t get to pick and choose. You don’t get to say, “I’ll only serve online but I won’t create content or be social or any of that”.  Nope. Throw the whole damn thing away in that case! 

Okay, rant over!

Truth is, I love serving online only and a huge part of that is because I know that what it takes to thrive in full-service is not for me right now. It’s a hard truth, but it’s not something I could realistically pursue without falling short at every turn — and that’s okay. In that same way, I want you to be honest with yourself about why you’re not succeeding digitally. 

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