Q & Albie: Mastering Brand Sponsorships & Collaborations with Morgan Molitor


If you tuned in the past 2 weeks then this minisode is gonna bring you full circle because we are back with Morgan Molitor for a Q & A on #allthethings when it comes to working with brands, pitching yourself, and creating content.


week one:

  • hiring a team in preparation for growth

  • the power in pitching brands (and not waiting for them)

  • what it’s really like when you’re working with & creating content for brands 

Week two:

  • what numbers you should really be monitoring & how they reflect  your influence

  • why the construction2style business model is shifting from client work to more brand deals

This week we’re answering:

• What do I need to start doing to position myself as an authority in my industry?

• How do I show a company my value if I have a low social media following and/or website engagement?

• Do I need to have a one-page or media kit? Is it necessary?

• If I'm from a small city or area, do you recommend I look to partner with local or national brands?

• A brand turned me down for a project, so when should I reach back out to them, if at all?

• How do I introduce myself to a brand I want to work with?

• What can I or should I do to establish myself as an influencer to brands?

• In the first email, do I need to include my full pitch ideas?

• When do I start to talk money when I'm pitching?

M. Molitor Q&A

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Meet Morgan Molitor

Morgan is one half and co-founder of construction2style, and wife to Jamie Molitor. Morgan wanted to create construction2style (or c2s for short) to document Jamie’s first fixer upper and show people just how easy they could DIY too. She started solely writing but was quickly swinging a hammer alongside Jamie too. 

Graduating from a college in Long Beach, CA with a fashion merchandising and marketing degree, Morgan has now taken that creativity and knowledge to use within client homes and their blog. Morgan oversees all the content creation, is the writing guru, and lead interior stylist for construction2style. She also heads up their online education courses and monthly marketing workshops.

As a business owner, she wears a lot of hats but her expertise is in collaboration, always thinking about 100 different ways to optimize any project they’re working on. 

Morgan doesn’t have any type of interior design certification, but thanks to digital marketing and her passion for interiors, she’s been able to build a successful interior design + contracting business, that includes certified designers on their team. 

She’s a forward thinker, a risk taker, and isn’t scared to tell you that the tile you picked out is really outdated. But will still install it happily for you! You can always find an infectious smile on her face and hear her contagious laugh. 

Find Morgan Online

• Website & Blog: Construction2Style

• Instagram: @construction2style

• YouTube: Construction2Style