Q & Albie: The Business of Batching with Heather Hess


If you caught the last episode then you know I hung out with fellow wife, mama, e-designer, and content creator, Heather Hess. We had a great conversation all around the other side of e-design and working with third party platforms — and trust me when I say, if you’re someone who has been considering e-design as a service or business model, this is definitely an episode you’ll want to tune into.

But the conversation didn’t just end there!

In addition to how Heather secured her first clients via Etsy, we also talked about how she built a loyal community on Instagram, how she secured a position with SwatchPop as their Editorial Director, and her content creation plans for the future, which started with her batching her entire 2019 content strategy!

I knew Heather would have to come back on the show to talk all things batching with me! If you listened to Episode 2 of the show where I talked all about single tasking and thought purging for better productivity, then you know batching is my jam! So this Q & Albie sesh is all about just that.


This week we’re answering:

  1. When preparing to batch work, what do you do first? Do I set up wording first or graphics?

  2. I have a lot that I want to talk about — I’m multipassionate. So how I do I prioritize so I can plan my batching?

  3. Batching is something I would love to do but I don’t have the time. How do I create a schedule for batching?

  4. Does batching really help with your productivity or are you spending the same amount of time on tasks, but just doing them all together?

  5. What are the tools that you use and love to help with batching?

  6. How can I batch client work?

  7. How far is too far in advance when you’re batching if things are always changing?

  8. My problem with batching is that I get going, I get distracted. I’ll start working on one thing, but if it needs a missing piece, I tend to that and get derailed in another rabbit hole. How can I truly stay focused and in the moment and not get pulled away?

  9. Are there any batching hacks that you can recommend?

  10. Do you find that technology makes batching easier or old-fashioned pen and paper planning?

FIND HEATHER ONLINE: Website | Instagram | SwatchPop

As a mother to 4 young kids, she quickly realized that the design of a home greatly impacts how people function inside. Heather believes a home should reflect the personality of those inside, so she loves that her job is to help make that happen. 

E-Design, specifically, became her main passion because it provides her clients with an affordable interior design experience from the comfort of their home, while also giving her the opportunity to stay home with her kids while working. Like many of us, Heather has done freelance e-design on many 3rd party platforms but also serves her own clients through her website. 


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