Q & Albie: You're A CEO So Act Like It with Veronica Solomon


If you tuned in last week then this minisode is gonna be a real treat because we are back with Veronica Solomon for a Q & A on #allthethings when it comes to being the CEO in your business.


last week:

  • paying yourself first

  • understanding business principles

  • diversifying services

  • embracing shiny object syndrome

  • selling in your business model

This week we’re answering:

• I am just getting started out & everyone says to niche down. How do I identify my niche? (2:06)

• As a solopreneur, how do you diversify my services without a team? I'm only one person. (3:19)

• I am starting out and struggling with consistently securing clients. What have been your most successful avenues for new projects to keep your pipeline healthy & consistent? (4:21)

• I just left my full-time job to pursue my side hustle as now my only career. What are the first steps to legitimizing my business? (6:37)

• I'm going to my first trade show soon & I want to make sure I represent my business best I can. Any tips for this? (7:56)

• I've finally gone from making money in my business to actually making a profit. But how do I actually pay myself? Do I pay myself, as the boss, if I want to have a team eventually? (10:09)

• My online services do way better than my in-person services even though it's all local clients. How can I shift the table to be seen as more than just e-design? (12:51)

• Setting my prices is difficult for me because I want to be profitable but I also don't want to turn people away. What's the sweet spot? (14:42)

V. Solomon Q&A

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Meet Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon has been creating beautiful interiors for the last 10 years, and knows a thing or two about the ups and downs in the business. The landscape of interior design has changed dramatically over the years, and with all the changes, she has learned how to package her  services, market her business, and create an iron-clad process that clients see value in, and are willing to pay top dollar for. These processes and systems have grown her business exponentially. And not only did clients take notice, but so do publications, industry organizations, vendors and fellow designers. 

Veronica’s design business has now grown to participating in designer show houses, opening a design showroom and studio, and real estate investing. Her passion for design continues to drive her and she loves sharing her successes with young designers to help them navigate the maize of this profession, to do what we love and make money doing it.


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