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Q & Albie: You're A CEO So Act Like It with Veronica Solomon

If you tuned in last week then this minisode is gonna be a real treat because we are back with Veronica Solomon for a Q & A on #allthethings when it comes to being the CEO in your business. Veronica Solomon has been creating beautiful interiors for the last 10 years, and knows a thing or two about the ups and downs in the business. The landscape of interior design has changed dramatically over the years, and with all the changes, she has learned how to package her  services, market her business, and create an iron-clad process that clients see value in, and are willing to pay top dollar for. These processes and systems have grown her business exponentially. And not only did clients take notice, but so do publications, industry organizations, vendors and fellow designers. 

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Q & Albie: Mastering Brand Sponsorships & Collaborations with Morgan Molitor

If you tuned in to last week’s episode then you already know that you’re in for a treat this week, because we are back with Morgan Molitor. 

Morgan is one half and co-founder of construction2style, and while not a “certified” interior designer, thanks to digital marketing and her passion for interiors, she’s been able to build a successful interior design + contracting business alongside her her husband Jamie Molitor.

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