Design Proposal Template (Pages for Mac)

Design Proposal Template (Pages for Mac)


You’ve nailed the consultation but you want to make sure you continue to wow them every step of their design journey. Follow up the consultation with a design proposal that reassures the client that you’re the designer they want to work with.

After securing the project, the proposal will allow you to walk your clients through, step by step, you project & payment schedule, outlining the full scope of work.

Use the template (Pages for Mac format) as your guide on how to walk your client through what to expect from working with you. With the template, you’ll be able to outline the design, procurement, and project phases, and give a visual breakdown of the payment schedule.

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Can be used alone, or with the Design Brief (recommended).

The template will download as a Pages for Mac document.

Modify the verbiage to best fit your business model.